Meet the Team!

We are a team of Brazilian people committed to achieving our goal, creating projects that people can have fun, improve their lives and be proud of.
​Wesley Dias​
​Rafael Freitas​
​Michel Raupp​

Wesley Dias

👋 CEO | Blockchain Specialist —
Good to know:
He has 11 years of experience in routines in the Information Technology area, knowledge in programming languages, databases, mobile and web technologies. Extensive experience in infrastructure, projects, implementation and maintenance of Windows and Linux platforms, he's self-taught, learn fast and have certifications in programming and operating systems

Rafael Freitas

👋 CTO | Software Engineer —
Good to know:
  • Graduated in Systems Analysis and Development
  • Graduated in Computer Network administration
  • Domain in JavaScript (Ecmascript-8), NodeJs, PHP, JAVA, C++
  • DevOps with Jenkins, Docker, AWS, Azure DevOps, Google Cloud and Google Firebase
  • Experience in databases using S3, MySQL MariaDB, SQL-Server, MongoDB and RealTime Firebase
  • Advanced knowledge in React Native Frameworks, React.js, Vue.js, Slim Framework PHP, Doctrine ORM
  • Standardization of components and creation of micro frontend
  • Knowledge of Windows and Linux servers, management of services such as ADDS, DHCP, FTP, PROXY, DNS and RAID

Michel Raupp

👋 Creation Director | UX | UI —
Good to know:
He is currently studying at the college of Information Systems, has basic programming skills but mainly works on the artistic part of the project. He had experience in traditional arts locally and digital work as a freelancer over the internet. He is 20 years old and always wants to improve his techniques, with a plan to study 3D modeling for the near future.