Our Economy

In this play-to-earn game you are a cryptocoin miner! The game is based on a unique cryptocurrency mining theme, in which you can use part of your earnings to improve your equipment (NFTs) and earn more money, but don't forget to pay the light!

In Crypto Farms the economy revolves around three resources, Crypto Farms Bitcoin (CFB), Crypto Farms Ethereum (CFE) and Crypto Farms Power (CFP), which are obtained through the equipment (NFTs). To keep the economy healthy, it is necessary to use power tokens (CFP) to keep the GPU equipments (CFE) and Asic equipments (CFB) farm running.

We will have constant reports of our wallets in our medias, in addition to keeping them public for the transparency of our project.


Our tokens will all have infinite supply, and in order to avoid the depreciation of the tokens, we will adopt the measure mentioned in the solution topic. We will use the funds from advertising to burn tokens, keeping the project alive with different sources of investments. Other possible solution would be the blending technique to decrease the supply of NFTs (creating better items).

We are planning to create commemoratives events of minting/blend to get special limited NFTs!

We decided to have infinite supply of tokens because we will be using the same tokens from this current project in the next ones as well.


We noticed that in games like these the tokens didn't have a defined price at release of the game. Speculation happens and the prices become volatile enough it crashes the economy. Our solution to this problem is creating packs which the players can exchange for tokens in-game. This way the tokens will have a base price associated with them giving the economy a healthy start at game launch.

Some users prefer to mint their own NFTs based on their demand and financial resources they have over opening packs with random drop rates. Based on this information above, the user can opt to open a pack and try their luck to get better odds or mint them with the tokens dropped from our Starter Pack (those that will have tokens "inside").

The tokens can be withdrawn and deposited and they are tradable on exchanges like Alcor.

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