The dates can be different depending on how long it will take to us to get the whitelisted on Atomic Hub.

February 2022

02/11 - Start of the whitelist campaing (completed)

02/18 - End of the whitelist campaing (completed)

02/19 - First sale (whitelist) (completed)

02/20 - Start of second whitelist campaing (completed)

02/25 - End of second whitelist campaing

02/26 - Second sale (whitelist)

March 2022

03/05 - Last sale (public)

03/05 - Launch event

Development of new card rarities

Development phase of a notify app

Creation of community events

Start of new projects planning

Start of using money from AdSense to burn tokens (Google didn't accepted, but we got some third party ads earlier on our website tough)


April 2022

Craft Event

Employee hiring event

New mechanics of burning

Partnerships with other projects

Benchmark with the overall market

Development of a Crypto Raffle plataform (burnin' system)

Q2 2022

Launch of Crypto Raffle app

Special Giveaway event of "mint number 1" through the Crypto Raffle

Start of advertising about a new mini-game

Launch a new mini-game

Planning a partnership with retro games

Comunity Events

Limited minting events

Blending system (burnin' system)

Q3 2022

Employee hiring event

Launch of new games

Comunity Events


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