Our vision

Our Vision

Looking at the NFT gaming community, we want to deliver a game with a good economy where players can be rewarded. We want to grow with the community and learn from it. So that together we can go farther and farther and everyone can help each other.

Our Values

Be Transparent

We always want to be close to the community, to discuss solutions and improvements.

Be Committed

We will do what the best game possible by maintaining stability within the project, as well as a healthy economy for the Crypto Farms community.

Be Respectful

We will respectfully listen to the community ideas. Our team will carefully review the criticisms, suggestions and improvements presented to us by the members of the Crypto Farms' community.
Be Responsible
We will ensure that all updates, improvements and fixes will be done carefully and responsibly.

Be Ethical

We will be honest and forthright in our work as well all our interactions with the Crypto Farms community to guarantee all above values.