Creating a Testnet Wallet

Creating a Testnet Account (Sweden)

First of all, you'll need to download the Anchor Wallet, install and create a sign password for it.

After it, enter on Wax Sweden website.

Create a testnet account on the bottom of website.

After you have typed your account name you will receive a text like this:


Creating account on Alcor

Add a testnet network by clicking on this button.

And then, click on Manage Blockchains.

Select the option to add a new blockchain.

Chose the Wax (Testnet) to procedure.

And then click on it.

To setup your wallet you'll need to import an existing account (the one that you created on Sweden).

Click on Import Private Key.

Write down your Testnet private key that you created on Sweden.

In my case I put this one that I've created:

Private Active Key: 5JGy******************************************************bMM6

Select your account and that's so.

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