We're gonna sell these packs (except for extra pack) only in the sales mentioned on Roadmap topic. After that we'll NEVER sell NEW packs from this collection.

We minted every card with the mint number 1 before the sales. Our purpose is that we will make a special giveaway event after where we will use these NFTs to promote the game and give back to the community.

Starter packs

We decided to create new packs, these packs will be exchangeable for tokens on our game. This necessity came in when we noticed a problem in game's economy like ours, you can learn more about it in Economy topic.

We'll never sell these packs again, including the Starter packs.

Rare Packs

We have 3 "rare packs", these packs weren't sold by us, they are craftable on our game. The pack aims to incentive the player to burn extra tokens to have a small chance of getting an epic equipment. There are 3 types of "rare packs", which are the Asic, Power and GPU pack.

If you open a Power pack you'll receive a Power equipment, you have 98% of getting an Eolic Turbine or 2% of getting a Nano Reactor.

If you open a Asic pack you'll receive a Asic equipment, you have 98% of getting a Small Asic or 2% of getting a Big Asic.

If you open a GPU pack you'll receive a GPU equipment, you have 98% of getting a Simple Rig or 2% of getting a Complete Rig.

Legendary Packs

The legendary packs can be crafted on Smithy System, these packs have the following odds:

80% Legendary, 12% Epic, 5% Rare, 2% Common, 1% Basic

The price of each Legendary Pack is: 27000 CFB + 27000 CFE + 54000 CFP

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