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Drop Rate

All the packs will only drop a single NFT, so chose it wisely!

Equipment Pack

Drop Rate
Common Equipment Pack
98% Common | 1,7% Rare | 0,3% Epic
Rare Equipment Pack
98% Rare | 2% Epic
Epic Equipment Pack
100% Epic
Extra Equipment Pack
80% Common | 19% Rare | 1% Epic
Extra pack is accessible only through special events and to our partners through marketing campaigns.

Membership Packs

Drop Rate
Bronze Membership
100% Common
Silver Membership
100% Rare

Starter Packs

Exchangeable for
CFE Starter Pack
2000 CFE tokens
CFB Starter Pack
2000 CFB tokens
CFP Starter Pack
4000 CFP tokens
These Starter Packs can be exchangeable for tokens IN our game on the INVENTORY by depositing it, and then you can withdraw or use it as you want.

Rare Packs

Drop Rate
Power Pack
98% Eolic Turbine | 2% Nano Reactor
Asic Pack
98% Small Asic | 2% Big Asic
GPU Pack
98% Simple Rig | 2% Complete Rig

Legendary Packs

If you wanna check the costs to produce this pack click here.
Legendary Asic Pack
80% Quantum Asic, 12% Big Asic, 5% Simple Asic, 2% Nano Asic, 1% Old Computer
Legendary GPU Pack
80% Nitrogen Rig, 12% Complete Rig, 5% Small Rig, 2% Simple Graphics Card, 1% Basic Graphics Card
Legendary Power Pack
80% Nuclear Reactor, 12% Nano Reactor, 5% Eolic Turbine, 2% Solar Panel, 1% Power Generator