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How To Play

Lore of the game

The current story of the Crypto Farms is that the civilization evolved into a cyberpunk dystopia, in which people with "upgrades" like a robotic arms, cerebral implements, and other things are common, and all the things are connected through the Cyber-Blockchain.
The problem starts once there was a virus incident on the Cyber-Blockchain made people got a "computer virus"on their bodies, resulting in a cyberpunk zombie apocalypse. That being said, the actual Crypto Farms city is a capital that didn't was affected by the virus.
We are developing an expansion of the game, the Land mode, which you play on an abandoned city, trying to rebuild it, collecting resources, making explorations trough the country, upgrading your buildings, and things like that.

Basics of the game

In the current game, miners and energy producers seek to maintain their cryptocurrency mining and power generation operations, investing to accelerate their production and advantage in the game. There are several types of equipment, all generate a specific resource, but when they're generating these resources they also lose durability and requires energy to maintain the equipment's functionality.

Exploring the city!

We made an interface update on Crypto Farms to look more like an real game than just a "click-gas game".
This is the current map of the Crypto Farms city after the update!
On the city you move the screen by click-and-drag through the map, exploring all the hidden secrets on it. The map is diveded on two halfs, the upper and the lower one.
Learn more about the map by clicking here. Or if you wanna know more about Basic stuffs click here.