Navigations and Locations

The Map

The Crypto Farms map is diveded on two halfs, the upper and the lower one, on the upper half you have the following buildings:
  • CFE Building (mine/repair)
  • CFB Building (mine/repair)
  • Security (2FA)
  • Smithy (Craft)
  • Blend
On the bottom half you have the following buildings:
  • CFP Building (mine/repair)
  • Bank (deposit, withdraw and recharge energy)
  • Depot (deposit, withdraw and check your NFTs)


We have few basics informations on Crypto Farms HUD.
Left-bottom side: Wallet (you can logout here)
Right-bottom side: Functions Stats (check if everything is ok) and help button
Right-top: tokens and energy bar (you can check how many tokens you have on your account)