• Moments after your deposit to your WAX Cloud Wallet, your account will be finally created and now you can buy your NFTs, trade and play our game!

  • Different from Ethereum or Binance Smart Chain, on Wax you don't have gas fee but you need to stake WAXP to have resources that will be temporaly used on your transactions.

  • If you want to have many NFTs, trade tokens on the DEX Alcor and play our game, you'll need some WAXP staked to have the resources needed to make these transactions.

  • You'll need a few WAXP staked on CPU, NET and RAM in order to maintain it working.

  • CPU

    • WAX has a system that allocates CPU to blockchain participants who stake tokens for CPU resources. This system prevents spam transactions, denial of service attacks, and overloading of the network.

    • The CPU time allocated is calculated based on how busy the network is. For example, if the blockchain is busy and running over 500 transactions per second, customers with a low amount of WAX staked have low CPU time. On the flip side, if the network is not busy, users can have 100 times higher CPU time.

    • Temporarily consumed every time you send an action or transaction.

  • NET

    • Refers to the throughput capacity of the WAX Blockchain-that is, the bandwidth you can use during a specified time.

    • Refers to the processing time of an action, measured in microseconds.

  • RAM

    • Is your storage space on the train. If you need to bring a ton of luggage, you need to pay per bag to check your bags onto the train - the same as how if you need a lot of RAM to operate on the WAX Blockchain, you can purchase more storage space. And on the WAX Blockchain, if you don’t need to use all the RAM that you have, you can sell that storage space to someone who does.

On BSC network you usually pay like $0,5 with fees per transaction, on other hand the Wax plataform doesn't have fees, but your resources need to be staked.

The CPU resource is temporarily consumed, and after a few hours it is returned back to its base value and it is ready to be used again. CPU refreshes gradually if you do not create transactions on the blockchain that cost the CPU resource.

If you are the type to create a lot of transactions (for ex. by trading, transferring, mining, etc.), try to add and stake some more WAXP into your CPU to avoid any CPU related issues.

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