Limits of Energy

One of the benefits of having a a member card is that you can increase your limits!

Energy bar

We're gonna have an energy bar which the player will need to often recharge it in order to maintain your mining equipments working. Your base limit of energy at the start will be 500, but you can upgrade it by holding a Member Card in the game!

  • 300 energy limit bonus for each Bronze Member card

  • 500 energy limit bonus for each Silver Member card

Look at this img below, there are 2 Bronze Members (CFB), 1 Silver Member (CFE) and a Silver Member (CFP) equipped. Note that he has an extra Silver Member (CFB) but it's not equipped because the limit is two cards per resource equipped in the game!

The base energy is 500 to any account but because in this example he had these member cards, he totalized a max cap of 2100 on his energy bar


You'll need CFP tokens in order to refill your energy bar, each CFP token will give you 5 energy tokens.

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