New Rarities

We already made the art of the new equipment rarities, and we're waiting the best moment to implement it.

We'll not make ANY sale of Legendary and Mythical equipments on marketplaces, like a NFT drop for example, they'll be available through blending or craft system.


The Basic equipments meant to be a chepear choice to new entrants, in this way they are the equipments with the worst mining rewards.

We did a fanart contest on our discord to chose the best ideas for the Basic equipments and the winners were decided through vote system by the community, the winners of the event were:

Our team developed the new Basic equipment based on the arts of the fanart contest, check it out:

The use case of the Basic Equipments is to be a cheapear choice than the Common ones. We didn't implemented it through sales to not harm the economy like other projects.

Legendary Equipments

The Legendary equipments can be earned by unpacking Legendary Packs. These packs DO NOT have guarantee of dropping Legendary Equipments, they have a 80% odds of dropping one!

So the only way through the game to get an equipment have a burning mechanic on it! Click here to check more details about the Legendary packs.

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