Crypto Farms Land

We're already developing a new game expansion on the same ecossystem, the Crypto Farms Land (name TBA). The game will be a city management like Clash of Clans, which you have the resources, buildings, need to adventure on the world, passing through random events though the gameplay.

The current story of the Crypto Farms Land is that the civilization evolved into a cyberpunk dystopia, in which people with "upgrades" like a robotic arms, cerebral implements, and other things are common, and all the things are connected through the Cyber-Blockchain.

The problem starts once there was a virus incident on the Cyber-Blockchain made people got a "computer virus"on their bodies, resulting in a cyberpunk zombie apocalypse. That being said, the actual Crypto Farms city is a capital that didn't was affected by the virus, but on the Land you will play on an abandoned city, trying to rebuild it, collecting resources, making explorations trough the country, upgrading your buildings, and things like that.

The game will be around doing explorations, in which you can drop boxes that can drop NFTs such as a hammer and a screwdriver for example, and these NFTs will be necessary to upgrade the buildings to better ones. On the explorations, the furthest explorations will be more difficult to complete, but will have better rewards.

The current update that we said on the start of this announcement is necessary in order to us implement this "Crypto Farms Land", so we know that a visual update will not save the project but is a necessary thing to be a base of this new game.

You'll be able to play on your Land by taking a Subway on Crypto Farms, but for now the subway is closed. We're already developing the Crypto Farms Land and we are excited to launch it on the next few months, so if you guys have any ideas about the Land you can tell us.

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