Actually in the world, every game, sport, market or project depends on new entrants to stay healthy, the problem is that there is an organic rotation of resources in these traditional media that does not happen in the blockchain games market. After identifying this problem, we came up with the idea that instead of simply promoting the entry of new players and investors, we'll also focus on acquiring resources from other markets for ours. So we came to the solution of using advertising banners on our game's website, so that it is possible to bring AdSense money to the project, using this money to burn the tokens issued throughout the project.
We also noticed that many projects started to use the Metaverse buzzword without actually intending to implement something like that. Our economy will have 3 tokens, and we know that a hyperinflation of one of the tokens can occur over time causing a disparity that normally greatly disrupts the life of the project. To avoid this, we are creating plans to make mini-games, partnerships with retro games (like Tibia, Ragnarok, etc) and balance the token economy with the creation of other projects. For example, if in a game the CFB (Bitcoin) is undervalued, in the next project we'll make it have a greater utility/burn to counterbalance the general economy.