Limits of Equipments

One of the benefits of having a a member card is that you can increase your limits!

Each account start the game with the base limit of use only two cards of each resource, but you can increase it holding a Member card in our game!

  • The Bronze Member can increase the limit of how many cards can be used in mining by 1.

  • The Silver Member can increase this limit by 2.

  • You have a base limit of 2 cards from any type.

For example:

In this case above, if you have 2 Bronze Members of CFB in our game, you'll be able to use 4 Equipments Cards of CFB at same time.

The best scenario is holding 2 Silver Members, in which you'll be able to do your minings with 6 equipments!

Each account can use only two member cards of each type (CFE, CFB and CFP), so the maximum that someone can use in our game is 6 equipments of each resource!

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