Energy System

We're gonna have an energy bar which the player will need to often recharge it in order to maintain your mining equipments working


The location of the Smithy is right here, on the bottom half of the map:

Energy Points

Every account in the game will have 1000 energy points as your base limit, but it can be upgraded with Membership Cards.

When the first time you enter in the game you'll start with 300 energy points in your Energy bar to start your minings!

In the game the energy bar will be filled exchanging CFP tokens for energy on the Bank Building!

The ratio between this exchange will be 5 Energy points to each CFP token.

The energy bar will supply to all equipment, in other words all the equipments will share the energy from your energy bar. To increase the limit of it you can use a member card!

Energy Consumption

You can see the Energy consumption per mining action (click) in this table below:

In order to balance the economy, the CFP equipments will not require Energy or CFP tokens to work!

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