Limits of Clicks

One of the benefits of having a a member card is that you can increase your limits!

You'll need to do your minings each hour, but if you're holding a member card you can upgrade it to another level!

  • Bronze Members will hold one additional click for you, giving one more hour between your mining clicks

  • Silver Members will hold two additional clicks for you, giving you two more hours between your mining clicks

We have created these example tables so you can understand more clearly, check it out:

In the example above, In this scenario if you hold one Bronze Member you'll need to do your minings each 2 hours. If you hold two Bronze Memebers you'll get a break of 3 hours between your minings. And in the best scenario, if you have two Silver Members you'll need to do your minings each 5 hours!

In the game

In the game, each equipment card needs to be clicked every hour to mine every hour, but when you hold a Member card of the same resource it will accumulate for you, so you will be able to mine only every few hours instead of every hour!

Look at this example below:

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