Stay tunned for the release of the official date of our sales!

First Sale (whitelist)

We're planning to have a whitelist raffle with the SweepWidget method, but after we noticed that a large amount of people started to come in our discord we decided to change the amount of the items available, the amount of people that can participate in our first sale, some whitelist pass to some youtubers, community events and others.

These actions will be confirmed after we assess the opinion of the community and its feedback.

Second Sale (whitelist)

Similar to the first sale, it'll be through SweepWidget. The Packs available and the price will be increased as well in order to benefit the early adopters! These first two whitelist sales will have a timeout between the purchases, when you purchase a pack you'll need to wait some time to do your second purchase! This is necessary to give the chance to anyone to have a NFT.

Last Sale (public)

Our Last Sale will be public for anyone, the price of the packs will increase a bit more and probably it'll not have the timeout feature like the whitelist process, so you can buy how many packs you want as long it's available!

We received many opinions and suggestions about what we have to do with our public sale, and after we discussed it internally we came with a conclusion! We'll maintain the public sale on March 5th to follow our roadmap but we'll do it as symbolic with ONLY ONE PACK FOR EACH, so in total it'll be a sale with only 5 packs in total! So we'll sale 1 common, 1 rare, 1 epic, 1 bronze and 1 silver pack in total, got it?

Starters' pack sale

On 5th March at 4PM UTC we'll do a private sale of our tokens through Starter Packs, these packs will be exchangeable for tokens IN our game, and after it you can use these tokens to repair, mint or withdraw to sell on Alcor DEX. We are aware that people outside our community could try to buy it so we decided to restrict this sale to participants of the First and Second sale! The link of the sale on Atomic Hub will be announced minutes before the sale to minimize the BOTs buying it and putting these Starter Packs in the hands of real players.

We're launched our game few hours after the Starter Packs' sale.

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