Blend Events

Many people from our community gave us the idea of making an event that incentivates the players from other projects to play ours too, and in this way the entire Wax Ecossystem will be strenghty. Well, we always did our best to listen the community and even did a vote to check if it was a fair idea, so here we are with this new event!

Chainsaw Event

We started an event on April 5th, the event consists on bringing new players to our game, through a blending system which you blend one Chainsaw + Crypto Farms' tokens in exchange for Rare or Epic equipments!

  • Rare Equipment = 1x Chainsaw + 1500 CFE + 1500 CFB + 3000 CFP

  • Epic Equipment = 3x Chainsaw + 5000 CFE + 5000 CFB + 10000 CFP

The event will last until the community blends 200 Equipments.

Note that you can participate in this event only once per day, and the the costs could be changed at any time.

The Future

This event is the first one that we're making and now we can do it with any other collection from Wax Blockchain.

We'll be open to partnerships and will always listen to community ideas, creating infinity possibilities for the game! That's said, if the community asks a lot to we do an event like this with other project we can make it in just few minutes.

We don't want to make a war with other projects, we want to grow the Wax community together and make them stronger

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