To play the game, you'll need a mining equipment, so grab an Asic, a solar panel or a Graphics Card and come play!

The game is based on a fictional cryptocurrency mining scenario, in which there are three types of mining.

  • Power mining (CFP)

  • GPU mining (CFE)

  • ASIC mining (CFB)

Each token coming from these mines interacts with each other, all of which are needed in the game and for the health of the economy!

Power mining Cards (CFP)

GPU mining Cards (CFE)

ASIC mining Cards (CFB)

Each account can use two equipment cards of each type (CFP, CFE and CFB). This limit can be increased by using a Membership Card of the type you want to expand the limit (max 2 Member Cards per type).

We updated our game and now you can only choose 2 types of resources to mine. You can now only equip two types of equipments, for example: CFE and CFP CFB and CFP CFB and CFE

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