Basic features

Equipment stats:

Reward Rate: Tells you how much of a resource is received each time it is used (clicked).

Durability Consumed: Tells you how much durability a tool loses when used.

Energy Consumed: Tells you how much energy you need per mine.

Durability: Informs the maximum durability of an equipment.

Charge Time: Tells you how long the device needs to recharge before being used again.

Higher rarities come with more mining power and energy production, often at higher efficiency compared to lower-tier gear.

General functions:

Memberships: Member cards improve your farming, learn more about it in memberships' topic.

Craft System (smithy): You can craft your equipments with tokens, learn more about it in Smithy System.

Durability System: You'll need to repair your equipments periodically in order to maintain it working, each time you do your minings it consumes a few points of its Durability Bar.

Repair: To repair a CFE equipment you'll need CFB tokens, to repair a CFB equipment you'll need CFE tokens and to repair a CFP equipment you'll need CFB or CFE (depending on which is less valuable at the moment).

Energy System: Your equipment needs energy tokens to work (expept for the CFP equipment)

Blending System: You can blend two equipments of the same rarity + tokens to get a a equipment of a superior rarity.

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